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What is Temp Mail and What Does It Do?

Temp mail is free and temporary mail that you can obtain from the site in a short time and use on platforms and websites. Thanks to fake mail, you will have the opportunity to protect your security in the best way on the platforms and websites you will be a member of. Also, because of the regularly cleaned temp mail, you can make in-game purchases, and confidential mailings for business, shopping, and memberships. You also have the opportunity to clear the e-mails in your account at any time by deleting them. If you are tired of spam and unnecessary mail you encounter on many platforms, random mail will be just for you.

• You have the opportunity to receive unlimited temp mail from the site. The fake emails offered to you are free. In a short time, you can choose the one you want from the temp mail offered to you from the main screen on the site. It is also possible to change the e-mail address you don’t like.

• Third parties don’t have access to your e-mail account. In this way, if you do your confidential and important work with temporary email instead of using your e-mail account, you will get the best service without any security problems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Temp Mail
What is Temp Mail Usage Purpose?
Temp mail is temporary mail that you will use for membership or shopping on platforms and websites offered to you for free and unlimited. Thanks to these mail accounts, you can get rid of spam.
How to Delete Emails in Your Fake Mail Account?
The mails in your temp mail account are cleaned regularly. If you wish, you can clear your temp mail account by clicking the "Trash" sign.
Can You Get As Many Fake Mail Accounts As You Want From The Site?
It is possible to receive as many fake e-mails as you want from the site.