Protect From Hackers' Attacks by Taking Advantage of Fake Mails: Here's Why You Need Fake Mails!

Have you ever signed up for an untrusted website with your email address? You may have been exposed to spam messages too often from a site you haven't signed up for and from an unrelated email address! This may be because your personal email address has been sold to other individuals and companies.

FlexBooker site, where more than 3.7 million people signed up, announced that from December 2021 to January 2022, the data in their accounts was stolen from 3.7 million people. As a result of a breach in FlexBooker's cloud server, customers were denied access to their accounts, and FlexBooker was unable to service their customer accounts. The hackers could access the entire storage system within two months and download user data. Customers' full names, email addresses, and phone numbers were stolen during this data theft.

How can you share your email address with every website, given that there is data theft on a website with which 3.7 million people trust and even share their email addresses? You can use temp mail as a solution to this situation.

Why Should You Use an Anonymous Temp Email?

The lack of anonymity worries many people these days, and no matter what country you live in, you need to take advantage of some VPN services and proxies to surf the Internet comfortably. By using VPN and proxy technologies, you will feel more comfortable surfing the Internet and not doubt your privacy and anonymity. But privacy and anonymity also start from a more straightforward place than a VPN, which is your mailbox. Considering that no popular messaging and mail sites are completely protected from external factors, using an anonymous email will be the best for your privacy.

How Email Generators Work and How Do You Get a Temp Mail?

You use some websites to download different programs. You subscribe to social media applications and sites to make new friends. While surfing the Internet, you absolutely need an email address to become a website member. But where is your guarantee that your privacy will be protected and that your email address will not be shared with third parties?

You must rely on something other than the deals of websites when you need to protect your security. Using a disposable email address can save you a lot of trouble. For this, you should use a mail generator.

Mail generator applications offer you a website to create fake mail, and when you make a mail from this website, the email address will be automatically deleted after a certain period of the creation process. So instead of creating a new email address, you can use the time you have to sign up for websites or do your daily work. Moreover, since these services are free and anonymous, you can protect your privacy on the Internet without paying any fees. Using fake emails can also prevent spam messages from coming to your email address.

With our service, you can create a new email account without fees. This email account can be used for a certain amount of time, after which it will be deleted.